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a web3 project cofoundry

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about the melon

the melon is a cofoundry™ on a mission to bring high-utility web3 app networks to the world.

* /playbook
the melon build playbook

  1. Validate (1-2 months)

    • Join ideation roundtables with advisors
    • Customer interviews w/ validator network
    • Build advisory board
    • Create resource plan
    • Engage community
    • Product architecture / design plan
  2. Build (3-10 months)

    • Hire first 1-3 engineers
    • Weekly advisory board meetings
    • Ship MVP V1
    • Pilot with users
    • Continual market experiments
  3. Scale (10+ months)

    • Hire functional leaders (marketing, community, business development, product, UI/UX)
    • Expand growth efforts
    • Ship V1 complete product
    • Scale community

* /advisors
the melon team

the melon’s 26 advisors are proven leaders who help founders by providing expertise in token design, developer recruiting, regulatory, decentralized governance, protocol growth, product, and marketing.

meet the team & advisors ->

* /resources
every founder in the melon gets access to: